Athens, 2012, during the crisis

"The phone is ringing. A hole in a wall has to be filled. O.k. Into the red overalls - the toolbox is already packed - hat on and directly into the metro. There are many things to fix for MASTORAS AMESIS DRASIS (craftsman paramedic) from Germany. It has to go fast!" And how is that paid? With a comment into the log book: "How can Greece be fixed again?"*


With his trusty household toolbox the Craftsman Paramedic, Hannes Neubauer, opened a repair shop in an abandoned shopping mall, offering to fix various broken items in Athens, during the crisis. The payment requested for his services were the ideas of the Athen's populace on how to fix the "Eurozone crisis".  These solutions were written in the Craftsman's logbook by the client.  The conclusion of the project was an exhibition in the abandoned mall, featuring documentation of the physical repairs contrasted to the idealogical repairs from the citizens of Athens.


This project was part of the public project "Ανταλλαγή / Austausch / Exchange" of Goethe Institute, Athens in collaboration with the Bauhaus University, Weimar, 2012

*exibition cataloque "Exchange" of Goethe-Institute Athens